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At Seneca Village Montessori School, our mission is to empower young minds through a unique educational approach that combines the principles of Montessori education with a curriculum deeply rooted in the richness of the African Diaspora.

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I would highly recommend Seneca Village Montessori School! When we were looking for a school for my child, it was important to us that we found a school of excellence. That’s exactly what SVMS represents. We have definitely noticed the development and progression that our child is experiencing from an educational, social, emotional and self value perspective! Our child has made many friends in class and often comes home and teaches us new things that they have learned at school from scientific experiments to history lessons. We like that the school is located in a nice and safe state-of -the-art building. The school is technologically advanced, which was important to us. We as parents have the ability to see what our child has learned in school that day, which helps us with talking points when our child comes home. Most importantly we really appreciate the teachers and administration. They are knowledgeable, professional, respectful, passionate and really want to see the children and families exceed, you can feel it by their actions. There’s always an open line of communication with our child’s teachers. We are really happy with our experience and hope that others can have access to this type of education as well. There should be a SVMS in every city of America!

Nia's Daddy

I just wanted to share how impressed I am with Osselito’s growth. His language development has soared in the past couple of months. Each day he comes from school he is so eager to tell me about his day. Lately he is has been talking about the systems in the body and which body parts are in working together. He has been talking about the forest and animals in the ocean, and for some reason he has taken to using the word “actually” a lot. I’m just really grateful to know he is spending his day immersed in such advanced discourse and engaging learning activities. It puts my mind at ease.

Osselito's Mom

“I am overwhelmed with joy when I think about the undeniable mark Seneca Village is having on my little ones’ life. Every day she is surrounded by kids that look like her, talk like her and will likely share many of the same experiences when trying to relate to the world. This may be the only time during her educational journey where her history and culture is at the forefront of her education. I am forever thankful to Mama Sharifa for birthing this idea and appreciate each and every person involved in keeping the village moving and growing.”

Zhalay's Mom

SVMS and it’s wonderful teaching staff and leadership has been a godsend. Our son has grown exponentially over the last two years and we know that is largely a result of the warm, loving, nurturing environment you all have created. Much love and many thanks!!

Che's Mom

Seneca Village is a haven for the black and brown children it serves. My son joined the village in the summer of 2018. He was a new two speaking only a few words. His receptive language was where it should be but we couldn’t get him express himself verbally. By the time the summer was over our watoto was speaking many more words and astounding us each day with the knowledge he learned over the summer. We feel at home in Seneca Village. From the RBG flag at the door to the images of black and brown children in the libraries, we are sure we have our son in the right place.

John Amani' Parents

“It Takes A Village To Raise A Child- That’s what Seneca Village Montessori means to me. Mama Sharifa and her nurturing team of Mamas step in and take our place co- parenting and teaching our children about their African heritage and planting seeds of growth. The Village is not only beautiful inside and out, it’s welcoming and inviting. It is my granddaughter’s 2nd year at SVMS. I have witnessed her transform into a little scholar. She is confident and loves to do things on her own. Jaliyah’s favorite saying is “I can do it”. She always has something exciting to tell me about her day at SVMS and I am eager to hear all about it. I love that SVMS focuses on new languages and healthy eating. Also learning through music and dance .The Village is also attentive to our needs as parents. Ex. Date night which gives us some much needed adult time. Acknowledging some of our upcoming entrepreneurs (Ex. Creative Cake Bar ). I could go on and on about SVMS because I just love it! I will be saddened the day my granddaughter leaves but happy that she would be leaving with the necessary tools to move onto the next phase. I appreciate all of you.Thank you so much! “

Anjeanette Reed

“Really clean organized, friendly staff, good energy at the place and from staff members, professional, cultural, children are nice and well behaved it’s perfect! So glad I listened to my gut and went with this school i’m particular and this place has all checks on the list.”

Sophronie Ray - Parent

“I love what I am seeing and hearing. My niece has drastically improved within a month of attending. I follow them on Instagram. I am pleased with the quality of education, nurture and support the children receive. A true village.”