African Centered Education

African Centered Education

An African Centered Education is a curriculum infused with appreciation of African ancestors contributions to the worlds civilization and culture. African-Centered Education (ACE) uses the common and diverse perspectives of peoples of African descent as the lens to explore, understand and critically assess academic subjects and enrichment. It is a child-centered, developmental approach that recognizes that all humans have their physical, social and intellectual origins in Africa. African-centeredness affirms universal principles of human rights and dignity for all peoples.


Why is it important?

Black students are currently exposed to many negative interpretations of what it means to be Black. The distinctive purpose of African Centered Education is to develop self-consciousness, self determination, positive self-concept, a sense of Africa as it applies to the upliftment of the community, and an understanding of Africa as it to applies to personal growth and development. It is the overall goal of African Centered Education to offset the pervasive educational challenges caused by cultural amnesia and self hatred.

  • The African centered school experience provides a sense of freedom and confidence.
  • The African centered learning experience fosters an intellectual maturity earlier in life than might otherwise have taken place.
  • Daily African centered interactions prepare students for global citizenships as they develop the skills to deal with all types of people with a clear awareness of “who I am and where I am from.”
  • ¬∑African centered instructional models develop critical thinking skills and provide the tools for advanced synthesis, and research analysis.
  • ¬∑The intellect and cognitive skills developed from African centered learning experiences translates through all things and throughout life.

Seneca Village Montessori School’s foundation is built on the Nguzo Saba or the seven principles created by Maulana Karenga. We believe that the teaching of these principles and their message will help in the development of an Afrocentric value system for our students. Afrocentric values lead to Afrocentric goals, which lead to a new history for African people.