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Why Seneca Village Montessori…

At Seneca Village Montessori School, we have carefully curated a program to meet the needs of every child in our care.  Our Afrocentric focus is designed to preserve and instill cultural values.  In addition, it positively reinforces social conscience and ethics.  The Montessori method of teaching is a hands-on approach to learning that yields positive results.  This method of teaching enhances self esteem, learning and independence among many other things.

Your little ones that are between the ages of 24 months to 36 months would be perfect in our toddler programs.  If you have child who is 3- 6 years of age, your child would thrive in our Preschool/Kindergarten curriculum.  Additionally, we offer aftercare for children from 24 months to 5 years.

Your Child Will Thrive At Brooklyn’s Seneca Village Montessori School

We know your goal as a parent is to see your child thrive and grow in a healthy and safe environment.  Seneca Village Montessori School of Brooklyn, New York is a preschool that can offer a safe haven for your child’s development.

Our programs are enriching and reinforce our view of the importance in nourishing the mind, body and spirit of our students.  Our Brooklyn-based preschool is grounded in the firm beliefs of the importance of social responsibility and cultural values.  In addition, we reinforce and instill a sense of belonging to children who attend.

We are sure your child will thrive and grow in our enriching preschool programs.  In addition, we would love to take part in your child’s journey.  We graciously welcome you to reach out to our Brooklyn team for any questions regarding our Montessori and Afrocentric program.

Rated #1 Montessori School In Brooklyn

Our staff and caring team at NYC Montessori school Seneca Village is a top rated team of professionals who will care for your child.  You can rest assured that your little one is getting an award winning education and the attention and love he or she deserves.

At our preschool and daycare center, you can choose from several programs to cater to the needs of your child.  Begin the process by visiting us at our Ford Street location in Brooklyn New York or simply by giving us a call.

Come Visit Us Or Give Us A Call

We know you are fully dedicated in your child’s wellbeing and education.  For that reason, we are sure you would love to give us a call or come visit us to ask us any of your questions.

You can reach out to us on our contact page here or reach out at your convenience.  We’d love to hear from you and tell you more about our Brooklyn Afrocentric preschool programs and how they might enrich the mind, body and spirit of your beloved child.  Our Brooklyn based Montessori school can’t wait to hear from you.