Reasons to Send Your Child to NYC Preschool

Reasons to send your child to school in NYC

Reasons to Send Your Child to NYC Preschool

10 Reasons to Send Your Child to School in New York City


Are you wondering about reasons to send your child to NYC Preschool?  This post will explain all of the pros and cons.

New York, the Big Apple, the City of Dreams, Empire City, has almost as many nicknames as stories of its legend. People from all over the world dream of one day visiting the largest city in the United States. Ingrained in the psyche of many is that New York is the place to test yourself. If you want to “make it,” then New York is the place that can happen.  


People move to New York from all around the world to start a new life. Some come to succeed in a business they could never have in the state or country of their origin. Others come to be discovered for their talents that will lead to fame. One overlooked driver of people moving to New York is raising and having their children educated in the city. Brooklyn preschool at Seneca Village Montessori is great preschool to send your child to. 

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The Suburbs Fallacy

For years, people have been told New York is a great place to raise children. There are so many great toddler programs in NYC. As long as single men and women are building their careers, everything is fine. When these same people start a family, society has pushed them outside of the city. The suburbs fallacy, regardless of what city you live in, says living in outlying communities is better. 


Here are a few reasons people are told the suburbs are better: 


  • Many believe it is cheaper to live in the suburbs. Although when all things are considered, like commuting to the city, costs are added back into any savings. 


  •  Lower Crime Rates. While crime is statistically higher in cities, this number is skewed by placing high crime areas with safer city neighborhoods. If we compare safe suburban neighborhoods with safe inner-city neighborhoods, the comparisons are similar. 


  • Education is better. Some parents have bought into the idea that schools outside of cities provide a better education. If we look at statistics, especially around private schools, there is not much difference in grade averages and testing. What constitutes a great education can be subjective. Preparing kids for college and life is much more than only passing a state exam. 


The Argument for New York Schools

Let’s take a look at ten reasons to send your kids to school in New York City:


  1. New York City teachers receive high marks for effectiveness. According to the New York teacher’s union, 97 percent of teachers are rated as effective or highly effective. This number climbs when looking just at private schools.  


  1. Teachers in Brooklyn New York care about students. This is not to say teachers in other cities or the suburbs do not care. Only that inner-city teachers care just as much about their students as do teachers in the suburbs. To say otherwise is only a myth attributed by real estate companies trying to sell you on the next suburban neighborhood they are developing.  


The truth is, many urban teachers in New York do not want to teach anywhere else. One example is a teacher at a Montessori school in the Bronx who loved teaching. She returned to college to receive her master’s degree in education.


  1. Education in New York is more unique. Comparing education in the city to the suburbs is as much about differences than similarities. Many schools in New York City do not use a cookie-cutter approach to learning. Teachers and administrators can be creative thinkers when it comes to reaching children. 


Why is preschool and kindergarten in NYC so important? Teachers are not afraid to experiment with how other cultures teach children and utilize best practices from around the world. All students learn differently. By thinking outside the box, teachers reach students who may be left behind in instruction. 


  1. In New York, every experience is a lesson in life. New York kids tend to learn independence much faster from riding trains to purchasing a soda at the corner store than their suburban counterparts. This directly affects a child’s long-term education and prepares them for adulthood. 


  1. Suburban claims of open spaces are overrated. Everyone loves nature, and many think it is found outside the city. This may have been a proper argument several years ago, but not so much now. Outlying communities are no longer in the “country” as they once were.


Schools all over New York use their park systems to teach kids about nature. These parks also provide much needed outdoor time. Throw in the number of festivals and art that are prevalent in the parks, and you have a natural lesson plan.


  1. New York is the definition of diversity. There is no better place for a child to learn about diversity than attending school in New York. For hundreds of years, children of all cultures, religions, and different economic backgrounds have mixed to form the city. This diversity can be an education in itself and prepare students for the real world after school. Students who see a mix of successful teachers of different backgrounds are far more inclined to treat others with respect. 


  1. New York has not only museums to visit, but some of the world’s best. The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET), and The Guggenheim Museum are all just a tiny fraction of places people visit each year. These landmarks are a great resource for local students. 


  1. Art class is on the streets. Some suburban and rural schools have removed art from the classroom. New York art can actually be lived while walking down the streets of many performers and artists. 


  1. Keeping with the art theme, there is no better place for theatre than New York. Home of Broadway, there are hundreds of more forms of theatre in the city for all levels of income. New York students can enjoy this artistic medium regularly. 


  1. Kids are more rested for learning in New York. Most schools, whether private or public, are in close proximity to children’s homes. Kids in New York not only walk more to a school than their suburban counterparts, Spending time in a car gets a student home later in the suburbs, to perform homework followed by bedtime. Living close to school allows for more rest time for students, not to mention the benefits of exercise from walking.


We hope you have enjoyed this post and have learned a lot. You should now know reasons to send your child to NYC Preschool.

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