Safe Return To School During COVID-19

safe return to school during COVID-19

Safe Return To School During COVID-19

Preparing and staying safe while going back to school amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you are like just about every other parent out there, you are probably wondering what the new school year is looking like for your child. Following a spring semester that switched to distance learning halfway through, it might be a little hard to imagine what’s in store for the fall semester. In any case, it’s that time of year again, and If you are wondering how to navigate the back to school craze amidst the new corona-virus normal, not to worry, this post will help take care of some of your back to school worries.


It really is no secret that virtually everything has changed, but there is no need to panic. A few adjustments and here and there and you and your little one(s) will be ready to get back into the school life. That said, here are a few back to school practices to help ensure a safer, and easier back to school transitioning experience.  In addition, hiring the best school that has quality safety regimens is recommended.  We recommend Brooklyn preschool Seneca Village Montessori School as being a great choice!

Tips To Go Back To School Safely

Below we will go over some tips to return back to school and your aftercare programs safely.  In addition, you can take a look at the CDC guidelines here for returning back to school safely.

Develop a before and after school routine

Developing a before and after school routine is incredibly important. Not only could a modified daily routine really help cement some basic safety practices in your household, but it could also help your kids uphold better hygiene practices outside the home. A few simple additions to your morning (before school) and afternoon (after school) routine could really help you and your family ensure that you are staying safe and cultivating some great hygiene practices. This routine could include:

TIP: Read this post here on why preschool matters and it’s impact on your child.  This will help you to feel like sending your child back to school is the right decision!

Regular morning temperature checks

It might be bit tedious to go through a whole round of temperature checks everyday (especially if you have a big family) but definitely don’t skip the morning temperature checks if you can help it. A couple quick minutes before each of your kids heads off to school could mean the difference between spreading and containing. It’s understandably easy to overlook this part. These days we might all be so busy trying to keep possible infectants out that we don’t worry too much about keeping them in. A quick morning temp check and you and your child can rest assured that you’re both doing your part and staying safe too! And this goes without saying, if your kid seems to have any symptoms at all, not matter how small, it is absolutely fine to let them stay home.


After-school clean-ups

The after-school routine should be much like the before. While you might not need to check temperatures, it is extremely important not to forget to uphold safety practices after your children are home from school. It is definitely worth it to engage in some form of after school clean up when your kids are back home.

Encourage them to wash their hands, take off worn clothing items and put them away, and maybe even have a shower if you’d like to be extra thorough. This will give you peace of mind with sending your child back to his or her preschool or kindergarten program.

In addition, we all know kids come into contact with a whole lot of germs over the course of a single day, so at the very least, it would be advisable to have them sanitize as soon as they are home.  Brooklyn Montessori Preschool, Seneca Village Montessori School strictly follows CDC guidelines with your child so when you get them home you don’t have to worry as much!

Stock up on safety supplies

In the world of COVID-19, stocking up on safety supplies is just as important as any other back-to-school purchasing and stocking you might already be doing. While you’re purchasing the classroom essentials, don’t forget to also stock up on the safety essentials. Two specific supplies you should definitely consider obtaining, if you haven’t already include:


Hand sanitizers: Hand sanitizers are an important new addition to your child’s school supply kit. The CDC recommends using hand sanitizers that contains at least 60% alcohol. While it isn’t recommended to place these in the care of the really young ones without guidance, older kids, with proper demonstration should have no problem with proper hand-sanitizer usage.


Face masks: Face masks are an equally important get for the new school year. Aside from being helpful with containing spreads it also helps kids keep their hands off their faces. Besides, these come in many shapes, sizes and colors these days, so there’s no reason they can’t also be fun!


There are many places you can buy these safety supplies.  Amazon or even your local grocery store is probably stocked up, so make sure you have them on hand!



Overall, going back to school might seem like a really daunting idea. With the spread of COVID-19 it is very normal that parents would be worried about providing a safe environment for the young ones to go back to. While the tips above can be helpful, the bottom-line is that parents should try to maintain and open line of communication with both their children and their school representatives. Besides being a way to stay updated on school safety measures, open and honest communication can really help parents rest assured that their kids are staying as safe as possible.

We hope this post has enlightened you on the importance of taking proper safety measures when sending your child back to school and choosing a school for your little one.  You should have learned some important tips for a safe return to school during COVID-19 and wish you all the best!




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