Toddler Program

Toddler Program


Children ages 24 mos -36 mos old

The Toddler years are an important time for children, and Seneca Village Montessori School is well aware of this fact! Toddler years are marked by a time when children use their bodies, senses, and emerging problem-solving skills.  They do so to learn about and make sense of their world in ways most meaningful and effective for them.

The Toddler program at Seneca Village Montessori allows for children to explore and discover through active play.  It is a nurturing environment for your child to explore and grow in as well.

Responsive, Individualized Attention

In addition, our teachers give toddlers responsive, individualized attention to help build skills in:

  • Sensory and Perception
  • Self-help
  • Language
  • Physical and Motor Skills
  • Social and Emotional Growth ​

Daily Enrichment Activities

Children will also participate in daily enrichment activities such as:

  • Science and Social Studies
  • Meditation
  • ​African Studies
  • ​Movement
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play​

Toddler Program At Seneca Village Montessori

With daily activities and enrichment, your little one will be safe, entertained and cared for in our Brooklyn Afrocentric preschool facility. With a wonderful reputation and curriculum, Seneca Village Montessori School will be a perfect choice for your family.

As you probably can tell, your toddler will receive an enriching education and the opportunity to explore in a safe environment.  Our NYC school is a stepping stone for you and your toddler’s development.

Your Child Is In Good Hands!

At Seneca Village Montessori School of Brooklyn we offer hands on learning and enrichment for little one. You will feel comforted in knowing that your toddler is getting the best in both cultural values and education and hands on learning and development.


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