What Is Child Aftercare?

what is child aftercare

What Is Child Aftercare?

What Is Child After Care?


Child after care programs often refer to programs that occur after school.  In this sense, child aftercare is a type of daycare curriculum meant to give children a place to stay, learn and grow during the after school hours.

After-school programs are important for many different reasons.  With a curriculum and activities that take place while caregivers are often still at work, children can continue to thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.


What To Expect From An After-School Program


Parents, family and caregivers should hold child aftercare programs to high standards.  Your toddler should be in a toddler program that both provides encouragement, care and play to keep them busy, distracted and feeling happy.


With child after school programs you should expect:


  • Constant attentiveness to your toddler
  • Games and activities rather than the child being left to fend for him or herself
  • Enrichment
  • Reading and fun learning activities
  • Encouraging and kind teachers, aids and caregivers
  • Outdoor play activities in a safe environment
  • Access to snacks and refreshments
  • A safe and clean atmosphere


Finding The Right Program For Your Little One


Finding the right after-school program for your little one may often feel like a chore.  Brooklyn Montessori school Seneca Village advises being very thorough in your search.  Furthermore, your preschool and daycare facility might have a program for your child to enjoy.  Consult with the school’s director or coordinator and ask about the program.  This will ensure your toddler is in a place that you feel is fit and has everything you want.


Here are some questions you can ask:


Question 1: What hours does the after school program run?

Question 2: Is it every day of the week?

Question 3: Is the child aftercare curriculum only available to enrolled students or is any child able to attend?

Question 4: What training and background do teachers and aides have in preparation for handling children?

Question 5: How do you handle emergencies?

Question 6: Are you able to administer medications when needed and if prescribed by my child’s doctor?

Question 7: Are there doctors and nurses on staff?

Question 8: What activities are provided by the staff of the school?

Question 9: Are children given food and snacks?

Question 10: Are there fees for enrolling my child?

Question 11: How many children are in the program?

Question 12: Are there different age groups or is everyone together?

Question 13: Are there learning activities such as reading and arts and crafts?

Question 14: What is your basic curriculum and style of teaching and learning?


Visit The School


Visiting the school is one of the best ways to find out whether or not to enroll a child.  You can learn a lot by seeing the school and the children who are in the program.


In addition, visiting the school is a great way to talk face to face with administrators and determine whether or not the school is a fit.  You can get a general idea of the program’s strengths and whether or not you feel comfortable leaving your child there after school hours.


Our Brooklyn Based Montessori Preschool Has An Excellent Aftercare Program!


Brooklyn preschool, Seneca Village Montessori School and daycare has an excellent African-centered aftercare program for your child.  It is a place for learning and nurturing and a home away from home for you little one.  You can read this post on how to choose a preschool for your child to start.  In addition you can learn more about what is Montessori education here.  We know it will be helpful!

At Brooklyn preschool and daycare Seneca Village, children are cared for and given activities during the after school hours. Parents can feel relieved that their toddler is in a safe place where he or she will be cared for properly and with lots of love, attention and activities.

We Know You’ll Choose The Right School


We know, after all of your research and reading through this blog post, you will choose the perfect school for your child to spend time.  With everything that is offered in a winning after care curriculum, we know you will find one that meets both your needs and your child’s needs too.


If you have any questions, don’t feel shy to reach out and give us or the school of your choice a call.  Finding the right aftercare for your child is important and you shouldn’t leave things up to chance.  We hope this blog has taught you exactly what is child aftercare and wish you all the best.

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