Which Preschool Curriculum Is The Best?

which preschool curriculum is the best

Which Preschool Curriculum Is The Best?

Which Preschool Curriculum Is Best?


If you are wondering which preschool curriculum is best, you are in for a treat.  In this post, we will tell you exactly which preschool curriculum is the best choice based on your needs and your child’s needs too.


If you are searching for a good primary education for your little one, you are not alone.  Every year, millions of people all over the world search for a foundational preschool to set their child off and learning with confidence, safety and nurturing.


However, not all preschools are the same.  Here we will do a deep dive look into which preschool curriculum you should choose and why.


Start With Your Child


The search for a good school starts with your child and his or her individual needs.  Recognizing your little one’s unique personality and challenges is the first step towards finding the right school.


Here are a few questions to assist in finding the right childcare center:


What are my toddler’s strengths?

Are there particular activities my child loves such as playing outside, arts and crafts or reading?

Is my child struggling with becoming more independent?

What are my kid’s biggest challenges?

What type of curriculum might lead to the most growth in my child?



Identify Your Toddler’s Needs


By identifying your child’s needs you will find the best child care facility to help him or her on that path.  For example, if your toddler is struggling with independence, a nurturing environment with a more “hands-on approach” would probably be idea.


Brooklyn Montessori preschool and daycare center, Seneca Village Montessori School, has an enriching program that nurtures your child’s self-sufficiency.  In addition, you will find that the focus on African culture will create a strong foundation that inspires social responsibility, a strong identity and cultural respect in your little one.


Most Montessori schools have similar processes as far as curriculum.  The Montessori curriculum encourages independence and a student oriented approach unlike many other schools.  If your child struggles with taking initiative, choosing a toddler program with a Montessori school might be your best bet.


Additionally, you can read these helpful articles to assist in educating yourself on your child’s needs:


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What is child aftercare?


Investigate Different Ways Of Teaching


The next step, after you have identified your child’s needs, is to look at different teaching methods and styles.  Below, we will discuss some common teaching methods and styles.


Teacher Centered Approach


A teacher-centered approach is what many children in today’s day and age experience in the classroom.  In this style and curriculum of teaching, an instructor is perceived as the expert and the children obediently follow along.


In the teacher or instructor centered approach, there is less involvement from the student in the learning process.  Education is directed by the teacher and children are instructed on what to do.



Learner Centered


In the learner-centered approach or method, a teach both teaches and is open to learning.  Rather than being a complete authority, a teacher is simply a resource to students.


Content-Focused Methods


In content-focused environments, a strong emphasis is focused on the content or material used in the teaching and learning process.


Interactive Methods Of Teaching


In more interactive learning environments, a combination of all three of the above is used to teach children in the classroom.  There is less emphasis on instructor and student and more emphasis on participation and learning in that way.


The Next Steps


Now that you have determined what your child needs in regards to teaching and learning styles, you can embark on your pursuit and find the appropriate school. You will want to make phone calls and pay visits to the school in order to fully assess if it has what you are seeking in a daycare.

Some things to pay attention to include:


How are the students?  Do they seem happy, playful and active?

What activities are offered to children on a daily basis?

Is there a mix of outdoor and indoor fun?

Does the school seem like a positive and enriching learning environment?

How do you feel about the instructors in the school?




Choosing the right preschool for your little one is a very important task.  It involves both assessing your child’s needs and personality in addition to thoroughly investigating the school and its available programs.


There is no one size fits all method for knowing which school is appropriate for every child.  Choosing a school is dependent on many different factors.  Seneca Village Montessori School is a Brooklyn- based preschool that offers Montessori education with an Afrocentric approach.  You can reach out to the school here or give them a call to stop by.


We hope this post has been informative. We hope you are walking away with more knowledge on which preschool curriculum is best for your child.

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