Why Preschool Matters

why preschool matters

Why Preschool Matters

Why Preschool Matters


If you were wondering whether or not preschool really matters, this post will certainly answer your questions.  The short answer to that question is that yes, education is important for your child (even at a young age).


Preschool and choosing a learning style that compliments your values and your child’s upbringing really matters a lot.  However, understanding exactly why is of equal importance.  And we’ll get right to that in this post.



It All Begins With Your Child’s Preschool


Your child’s foundation all begins with choosing the right school.  So it’s important to carefully assess the values you want and need for your child to have.


You should begin by asking a few important questions.  We’ll go over a few of them below!


Here are a few questions you should begin to ponder:


  • What are the important things I want my child to experience as a toddler?
  • Are there particular values or educational paths that are important to me that I want my child to have?
  • What learning style do I feel will be most beneficial to my child?
  • Do I want my toddler to be loved and nurtured at school or for school to be purely educational?
  • How do I feel about extra-curricular activities and which do I want my child to take part in?
  • Would I like there to be a cultural focus at the school I choose?
  • How do I feel about enrolling my little one in a school that allows him or her to take control of her education? Or do I want more of an instructor based program?



Once you have answered these important questions, you should have a bit of a foundation to guide you.  The fact of the matter is that it all begins with the daycare or school your child attends as a toddler.


Their first experiences will shape their perceptions.  Going to a daycare or childcare facility and having a positive experience will help your toddler to thrive as he or she grows up.



A Positive Experience At School Is Important


Positive interactions and an overall good experience in school is very important.  But don’t get distressed because things will come up every now and then.  Just like an adult, your child might have a bad day.  The way that you deal with it and talk your little one through his or her temper tantrum will make all the difference.


Having an overall positive experience at his or her preschool is crucial.  There are many things you can do to ensure the school you send your little one to is a good one.  Doing the appropriate research beforehand is a winning tactic for choosing the best school.  You’ll be thrilled with the outcome it has on your little one.


If you’re interested in learning more about Montessori education you can do so in this post here.  You will learn a lot about which preschool curriculum is best for your toddler.


preschool arts and crafts

6 Reasons Preschool Matters


Provides A Good Foundation


The preschool you choose will be the foundation for your child.  Choosing the right one is important for that reason.  In order to be sure to do so, you can read this great article on how to choose a preschool for your child.  We’re sure you’re going to love it and learn a lot!


Your Child Will Begin To Socialize


Your child will begin socializing in daycare, believe it or not!  You might think he or she is too little, but many of the interactions that take place during this time will set forth a mindset of feeling comfortable interacting with others.


Socializing at school and toddler programs will open your child up to friendships with others.  The life you’re your little one will be enhanced through these positive relationships.


Your Toddler Will Begin Learning And Developing


Even though your little one is just going to daycare, your child is going to learn so much!  Attention and focus will begin to show improvement and your little one will also learn to play with others.  In addition to this, there will be opportunity to learn about conflict resolution and much more too.


Structure Is Important


It’s important that your child has structure in the beginning years of development.  Getting him or her into a routine will help add structure later in life.  As silly as it may seem, getting up in the morning, putting on clothes and going off to school will provide invaluable experiences for your child.  The structure will shape your toddler’s development in ways that will be wonderful and very beneficial in the future.


Your Little One Will Begin To Have Fun


Your toddler will have fun in preschool.  If you choose Brooklyn preschool and daycare at Seneca Village Montessori School, your child’s life will be enriched through hands on learning, arts and crafts and an African-focused education.


There will be countless activities for your child to partake in.  Most preschools have arts and crafts, reading and outdoor activities.  And the best part of it is, when your child comes home he or she will probably need a nap!  What’s not to love and be excited about?


You’ll Have More Time Too


So many parents forget to include themselves in the benefits preschool and aftercare programs offer.  You will see that your life opens up and you will be grateful to have some time to rest and relax and take care of you.


Offering your child opportunity and taking care of yourself in the process is a wonderful gift you can give as a parent.  Focus on choosing the best learning program for your child will open the door to an enriching education and some quiet time for you!




We hope that this post has been insightful and informative.  You should have a good grasp on why preschool matters so good luck in finding the right school!

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