Frequently Asked Questions


What ages does Seneca Village Montessori serve?

Seneca Village Montessori serves children ages 2 to 6 years old. See our Programs page for more information.

How many teachers are in each classroom?

Maintaining a low child-teacher ratio is important to us so that we can give each child our undivided attention. At any given time, there will always be two adults present in each classroom. In our Toddler Classroom, there are two teachers and 12 little ones. In our Preschool & Kindergarten Classrooms, there are two teachers and up to 15 little ones.

Does my child have to be toilet-trained to attend Seneca Village Montessori?

No, little ones do not need to be toilet-trained to attend Seneca Village Montessori. We will meet your child where they are and support you with your toileting goals as needed.

Do you offer financial aid?

Seneca Village Montessori does not have a formal financial aid program. We do however accept all childcare subsides and voucher programs. Families using these programs and/or vouchers are offered scholarships to cover the remaining cost in base tuition. 

Do you offer meals?

Seneca Village Montessori provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. We also provide water and fruit throughout the day. All meals and snacks are included your little one’s tuition. 

Does Seneca Village Montessori follow the Department of Education’s calendar?

Seneca Village Montessori remains open for all 12 months of the year. Families can choose form a 10 month program (Sept- June) or a 12 month program (Sept- Aug). To accommodate families with older children, we try our best to align our calendar with the Department of Education as well as local private schools. Please see our calendar here

What schools do children attend after Seneca Village Montessori?

Here are some of the schools our alumni have been accepted to: BASIS Independent Brooklyn, Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn Heights Montessori,  Brooklyn Scholars Charter School, Cambria Heights Academy, Ember Charter School, Greene Hill School, Poly Prep Country Day School, The Garvey School, The Art of Words Community School

How do I enroll my little one at Seneca Village Montessori?

Interested families should book a tour. If no tour dates are listed, feel free to Contact Us and request a visit. Once you have visited the school, you can complete our online application on our Apply page.

How many spots are available?

Each year is different. We give currently or previously enrolled families priority for their currently or previously enrolled children as well as their siblings. Once all of our Seneca Village Montessori families have had the opportunity to enroll, we typically have 3-7 spots available for new families.

Still have questions? Contact us.