Preschool Program

Preschool Program

Preschool Program

Ages 3 -5 years old


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Our Preschool Program

At Seneca Village Montessori School, our Preschool Program is designed to nurture and enrich your child’s early learning experiences, perfectly aligned with our mission to blend Montessori principles with a curriculum enriched by the African Diaspora. Our primary program offers a unique, mixed-age classroom environment for children ages 3 to 6, promoting inclusivity and peer learning.

Our classrooms are dynamic spaces where learning is actively encouraged through hands-on experiences. We utilize concrete materials that compel children to explore the world through their senses—touching, moving, observing, and engaging directly with their environment. This sensory-based approach solidifies fundamental concepts and skills in real, tangible ways.

Educators at our school act as facilitators, guiding children through the curriculum with care and expertise. They introduce lessons and then provide the freedom for children to explore and practice what they’ve learned independently. This method supports our philosophy of fostering independence, curiosity, and self-esteem by empowering children to take charge of their learning journey.

As our students grow, the classroom materials and lessons evolve with them. Children are encouraged to delve deeper into the curriculum, exploring complex concepts and expanding their understanding within the supportive framework of Montessori education. This progressive approach ensures that as children’s capabilities increase, they continue to find their learning environment challenging and engaging, crucial for their development as insightful, resilient, and compassionate individuals ready to engage with the world.


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Why Choose Our Preschool Program ?

At Seneca Village Montessori, our Preschool and Kindergarten programs are designed to foster a deep sense of independence and confidence in each child. By offering personalized attention, we ensure that your child’s unique learning needs are met, allowing them to thrive in a nurturing environment that values their individuality.

Empowerment Through Education:

Our African-centered curriculum empowers young children by integrating the rich histories, values, and perspectives of African and African Diaspora cultures. This culturally inclusive approach not only enhances their academic learning but also instills a strong sense of social responsibility and self-worth from a very young age. As they grow, our students develop a profound understanding and pride in their cultural roots, equipping them to navigate the world with confidence.

Holistic Development:

Our educational philosophy emphasizes hands-on, engaging learning experiences that cater to all aspects of a child's development. The Montessori method, integral to our approach, promotes independence and well-being, critical components often overlooked in traditional educational models. This method encourages children to explore their environments and learn through discovery, fostering both cognitive and emotional growth.

By choosing Seneca Village Montessori School for your child’s early education, you are investing in a program that goes beyond basic learning. Here, we prepare your child not just for the academic challenges of the future but also to be a well-rounded, proactive citizen of the world.

Learning Experiences: Explore key subjects
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Nature
  • Music and Movement
  • Sensorial
  • Cultural Awareness
  • African Heritage Lessons
Enrichment Activities

In addition to the academic curriculum, children will also participate in enrichment activities:

  • Music and Movement
  • Gardening
  • African Drumming
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play​

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At Seneca Village Montessori School, we have carefully curated a program to meet the needs of every child in our care. Our Afrocentric focus is designed to preserve and instill cultural values. In addition, it positively reinforces social conscience and ethics. The Montessori method of teaching is a hands-on approach to learning that yields positive results. This method of teaching enhances self-esteem, learning, and independence among many other things. Contact us today or Request A Tour!